The Guardians

A fun and ENTIRELY FREE mobile game that rewards you for doing real-life activities that improve your mental health!

How It Works

Complete Real Life Adventures

The Guardians: Paradise Island is a unique game that rewards you for helping out your own mental health! Paradise Island provides the motivation that we all sometimes need to get up and help ourselves live better lives.

Based on Established Therapies

Every day, Paradise Island will prompt you to partake in a therapy known as Behavioral Activation. The Guardians: Paradise Island uses an abridged version of the therapy Behavioral Activation, which is a key part of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)! The therapy asks you find tasks that are meaningful to you, go do them, then reflect on how they made you feel.

Get Rewarded for Helping Yourself

We know that doing the right thing can be hard sometimes. But it's a lot easier with an immediate and fun reward! That's why we give you tons of in-game rewards just for helping yourself feel better!

Pretty sweet, right?


I really felt motivated to do the things that were helpful to me!

- M Meegan

It's easily the most fun mental health app I've ever seen!

- C Wilkes

I do love that it’s based on actual science and research!

- J Beyer


Go on daily adventures to collect more pets and rewards!

Use your resources wisely to increase your pets' skills!

Help your pets save Paradise Island using enchanted luaus!

Collect mystical fruit in the exciting new mini game!


Behavioral Activation

The Guardians: Paradise Island uses an abridged version of the therapy Behavioral Activation, which is a key part of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)! The therapy basically asks you to do something meaningful, then reflect on how it made you feel.

That’s it!

Depression: A Vicious Cycle

When you’re depressed, you’re less likely to do the things that matter to you. This makes you more depressed, which makes you less likely to do things… It’s an endless cycle!

Get the Kick You Need!

When you’re stuck in that cycle you need a kick to do the meaningful things in your life. And that’s where The Guardians comes in! We give you that extra motivation you sometimes need to get up and live your life!

Our Publications

A Quantitative Feasibility Assessment Using Data from a Behavioural Activation Therapy App

This paper looked at the anonymized data gathered from Guardians: Unite the Realms and determined that machine learning algorithms can be used to analyze users’ ratings of their daily adventures and accurately suggest new adventures they will like and find helpful! We really look forward to adding this into our games to help people help themselves.

The Guardians: Designing a Game for Long-term Engagement with Mental Health Therapy

Based on Guardians: Unite the Realms, this paper shows that Guardians improves long-term engagement with mental health therapies over the typical mental health app. In fact, Unite the Realms ended up with over 2.5x the long-term retention of top mobile apps, and is in the top 15% of mobile games in terms of retention! Not only that, but we showed that in 72% of days when people played the game, they also completed real world tasks. And since over 80% of those tasks improved users’ moods, that’s a lot of people we helped!

Use of In-Game Rewards to Motivate Daily Self-Report Compliance: Randomized Controlled Trial

Based on a prototype idle game, we showed that we could motivate pediatric populations to fill out daily mood diaries in exchange for in-game rewards. Over 50% more participants hit our target response rate when given the game over a normal app. This became the basis of The Guardians Project!

Our Awards

Fast Company
Innovation by Design 2021

Wellness Category


Fast Company
Innovation by Design 2021

Apps & Games Category


Our Past Games

The Guardians: Unite the Realms

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