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The Guardians
Unite the Realms

An MIT Media Lab Project

Earn Rewards for Real Life Adventures

The creatures across the Realms are hiding, scared to come out and defend themselves from invaders. It's up to you to inspire them by completing your own adventures in real life! Every day you can earn new pets and rewards by doing any activity that's meaningful to you.

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The Story

  • There are many Realms other than ours, each with its own Guardian that has protected it for millennia.

  • But now, evil Scorians have begun to trap the Guardians and have sent the creatures of these Realms into hiding.

  • Now the Realms sit silent and empty. All the creatures hide, terrified.

  • But legends tell of a Traveller who can inspire hope throughout the Realms...
    Will you be the one to unite the Realms?


  • It's up to you to inspire the creatures to return and fight back against the villainous invaders! Complete adventures in real life to convince them to join your cause.

  • Send your pets on missions of their very own, to teach them skills they need to fend off invaders.

  • Collect hundreds of cosmetics and fun pet activities along the way.

  • Level up your pets by sending them on missions, and send the Scorians packing!

The Guardians is Backed by Leading Research

The Guardians is not only a game about collecting and training pets. It is a tool you can use to build the skills you need to fight depression and improve your wellbeing.

Developed in the Affective Computing group of the MIT Media Lab, The Guardians is a unique tool created using the power of mobile gaming to reward and encourage healthy habit formation and teach skills that are invaluable toward fighting depression.

To read more on The Guardians Project and its research, please click here.